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We are a firm specialized in all legal aspects related to the construction industry, at any stage of its construction process.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with all the legal assistance they require for the development of their process, which is reflected in the success of GB ABOGADOS as a competitor in the national legal area.

We constantly update our legal knowledge, and we are at the forefront in all systems and programs so we have total control over the information of all legal matters of our clients in real time. We satisfy the needs of our customers at a fair price.

We are governed with the highest ethical and professional values. Our success depends on conducting ourselves with honesty and honor in our daily activities.

At GB ABOGADOS, we are committed to recruiting, developing, motivating and rewarding our employees.

At GB ABOGADOS, we contribute to the economic strength of society and serve as an excellent law firm at all levels; local, state and national.


Public works

In this little explored subject of law, our firm offers extensive experience and knowledge in the field of construction...

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Private works

In this matter of law our firm offers extensive experience and knowledge in the field of private construction, from the management of land use certificates and licenses...

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commercial civil law

In civil and commercial matters, we provide consultancy in the preparation and review of all types of contracts...

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labor law

Under this heading we carry out the review and elaboration of individual employment contracts, as well as collective contracts.

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Within the scope of these matters, our services consist of legal advisory and consulting services...

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We also have the auditing service of your company, of your works, as well as various training and training courses.

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our firm

Our vision is continue to be the best option for legal services for Mexican builders.

Consolidate ourselves as specialists in public works.

A financially solid company.

A great place to work.