Public works

In this little explored subject of law, our firm offers extensive experience and knowledge in the field of construction, from tender to finalization of works, as well as in the following stages:

  1. Assistance in legal risk mitigation and go-no go evaluation in Public tenders
  2. Legal questions to get accurate clarifications in Public Tenders
  3. Participation restrictions and disqualification in Public Tenders.
  4. Nonconformity appeals.
  5. Contract review
  6. Contract management
  7. Legal advice in construction logbook management.
  8. Work suspensions
  9. Agreement negotiation, review and drafting with public entities.
  10. Claim and litigation of unpaid bills, financial expenses, cost adjustment, non-recoverable expenses, non-contract extra Works and additional costs.
  11. Litigation of bail claims.
  12. Negotiation and drafting of Works final settlements.

Advice on the completion of agreements with dependencies and / or entities. We also write agreements, or where appropriate, we make the necessary observations to said agreements and work settlements, always looking out for the best interest of your company.