As part of the benefits granted by the MEXICAN CHAMBER OF THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY to its affiliates, on April 16, 2015, a collaboration agreement was signed with the GB ABOGADOS Office, through which the bases for this firm were established Legal, provide, at the national level, legal advice and guidance to the entire membership of the Chamber, in the processes of bidding, contracting and execution of public works, which could arise as a result of the interpretation and fulfillment of the contracts concluded with the dependencies and public administration entities, both federal, state and municipal, centralized or decentralized, as well as with their regulations; which, enunciatively consist of the following:

  • Immediate attention, via email, telephone call or personal assistance, when required, on inquiries on issues arising from the interpretation and fulfillment of public works contracts, as well as legislation on the subject.
  • General advice to affiliates on the fulfillment of the obligations under their charge, derived from contracts and related work documentation (binnacles, trades, agreements, minutes, etc.).
  • General advice on the effects and consequences of administrative acts that modify the terms and conditions of the work contracts concluded (suspensions, early termination, administrative terminations, compensation or penalty procedures, release of bail policies, claims and their execution).
  • Permanent update regarding new criteria issued by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, related to the issue of public works.

These services are provided free of charge to affiliates as an exclusive service and allow the obtaining of benefits that confer a preferential rate on fees and success bonuses on matters that represent the obtaining of economic benefits to the builders in contentious proceedings.


For more information and advice please contact us through the following:

Email: cmic@abogados-gb.com or contacto@abogados-gb.com

Phone: 55-43-77-27